unplug small appliances

We all have small appliances in our kitchens. They consist of a toasters, toaster ovens, electric can openers, coffee makers, and microwave ovens. And today most of your coffee makers and microwave ovens have digital clocks. Unlike your larger appliances such as your refrigerator and stove, your small appliances are not made to be energy efficient appliances. Most of us use small appliances every single day. We do not think about the energy usage of these small appliances, we simply turn them on, use them, and turn them back off. However, these items go int a stand by mode when turned off, and if left plugged in they are still using electricity. 20% of electricity is used when these small appliances sit in the stand by mode.

A couple of ways to make sure your small appliance are not using electricity in the stand by mode is to:
1. Simply unplug your appliances.
2. Use a good power strip. The power strip should have it’s own on and off switch. Plug your small appliances into the power strip. At the end of the day shut your power strip off. This will cut all electricity to your plugs.

So the question remains,” should you unplug your small appliances when you are not using them?” The answer is yes. If you were to unplug your small appliances after using them, you would save on electricity. It may not seem like much of a savings, but it all adds up in time.

When to Replace a Dishwasher


The dishwasher is a device that saves a person time and effort. You may not always know when your dishwasher needs to be replaced. There are times when a dishwasher obviously needs to be replaced. If the dishwasher no longer works and a simple repair cannot get the dishwasher back online, you may decide that he needs to replace the unit. This could present a very good chance for you to replace your dishwasher and other items in his home with energy efficient appliances.

If a dishwasher is more than seven years old, the owner should consider replacing it if he has the funds. Although the technology used in these devices does not change much, the efficiency of appliances goes down as the parts wear out. Even if the owner does not experience any problems with the dishwasher during this time, the parts will wear out eventually.

When a person wants to replace his dishwasher, he wants to know if he is getting an energy-efficient appliance. The Energy star rating lets a consumer know that he is on the right track. The Energy Star logo only proves that a company has achieved the necessary certification. The necessary certification is relatively easy to achieve. The consumer needs to look at the costs of running the appliance. The lower the cost of running an appliance the more energy efficient the appliance is.


Toaster are found in every kitchen. Often times people use toaster ovens because they don’t have room for a conventional oven. The toaster oven is designed to replace a conventional oven in apartments or houses where a person cannot fit a traditional oven. They are most commonly use in small studio apartments and the like. The single room dwellings often contain hot plates and toaster ovens.

The toaster oven was designed to be a quick item that lets people cook food when there is not time to cook a larger or proper meal. Although the toaster oven and the toaster both prepare food, they do not prepare it in the same way. The toaster oven usually only has one or two coils that heat the oven. The toaster uses many different resistors to spread the heat evenly across the bread, bagel or other item a person may place in their toaster. It usually takes longer to achieve the same effect in a toaster oven.

Both can be energy efficient appliances, but the toaster generally uses energy more efficiently than the toaster office. This happens because of the differences in how the appliances work. They each are good for specific tasks, so just try and make sure you are buying one that is Energy star certified.

Which Appliance Uses the Most Electricity?

energy efficient appliances

These days it is important to make sure that you conserve as much energy as possible. Not only is energy conservation important to the earth but it is also an important part of shaving money offer your home electric bill and this can really help to save you money. More than energy efficient light bulbs, use of energy efficient appliances can really help to reduce your electricity bill and save you money.

The most inefficient appliances are those that use 220 volts as opposed to 110 volts. The appliances that are costing you the most money to run are your clothes dryer and your electric range and therefore when you are looking to make your home more energy efficient it is best to begin with making these energy efficient appliances first and then moving on to the 110 volt appliances in your home such as the washing machine, the dishwasher, and the refrigerator.

Creating an energy efficient home can be accomplished by utilizing the many different eco-friendly appliances and light bulbs that are on the market today. It is a toss up as to which household appliance uses the most electricity but most believe that since in a normal household the clothes dryer runs for many more hours then the oven or stove that this appliance is actually the one that contributes the most to your household electric bill.

The Top Five Most Energy Efficient Refrigerators

LG French Door Refrigerator

Everyone needs to have quality refrigerator in order to store all of their food and keep it fresh. While there are many refrigerators available to purchase there are a select few that are among the best. Having a good fridge will be one of many energy efficient appliances in a given household. There are many good types of these appliances on the market for consumers to buy and own.

One of the top types of refrigerators is the LG French Door Refrigerator. This particular appliance is very affordable, reliable and has numerous great features.

The next top refrigerator is the Samsung RF197ACRS Counter Depth French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator. This is among the best reviewed ones on the market.

Another top refrigerator is the Whirlpool Gold French Door Refrigerator. This appliance has an Adaptable Defrost System, excellent organization and storage capacity and is otherwise highly recommended by many consumer reviewers.

The LG Four Door French Door Refrigerator has an ice make, water dispenser and a humidity control feature. Another good feature is that the freezer drawers open and close automatically with just on touch making it among the easiest appliances to use.

Lastly there is the Frigidaire Side by Side Counter Depth Refrigerator. This appliance has lots of storage space along with many of the standard features of a fridge. It is also among the least expensive and most affordable as well.

Getting a good refrigerator can be a challenge at times but if you can get one of these models you will be able to own a top quality appliance that is as good for the planet as it is for your home.

Is it Energy Wasteful To Use an Ice Dispenser?

ice dispenser efficiency

Using an ice dispenser to get ice cubes out of a freezer is actually a more efficient way to get ice, and can actually be viewed as a way to save energy. When you open the door of a freezer to get out ice, you let room temperature air inside and thus that air needs to be cooled down and thus the motor needs to run more often.

This is why an ice dispenser can save energy on its own, and when used in energy efficient appliances you increase the amount of energy you save and conserve.

Energy efficient appliances help you to lower your energy costs associated with the appliances themselves, and thus help you to reduce your total carbon footprint which is essential in environmentally friendly environments such as your home. Ice dispensers are another, often overlooked, method of saving energy as the mechanism only lets the ice out and not the warm room air in and thus causing more power to be used in running the unit.

This is just one example of the small things you can do in your everyday life to conserve energy and live a an Eco-friendly lifestyle that is beneficial to everyone. Not only will you help to save the environment by reducing your energy consumption, you will also have lower utility bills as well when you use and incorporate energy efficiency in to your home and daily routine.

The Most Energy Efficient Washer Dryer Is…

Kenmore HE (3t 42933)

Alright, so my friends tease me and call me “tree hugger”. Truth is, while I do believe in conserving our natural resources, I have never groped a maple or a pine. Sometimes by conserving natural resources, one can save a little of their own “green” in the process, especially on energy efficient appliances. This was precisely my goal when I set out to find the most efficient washer and dryer that I could buy.

My research , which involved visiting numerous websites and comparing various consumer-based reports, finally led me to make a final decision for most efficient washing machine and dryer combination:

The coveted, most admired Kenmore HE (3t 42933) and it’s matching counterpart dryer. It seems that consumers are raving about this machine; it’s features, options, and efficiency are second to none! It scores the highest in the category of water consumption, as a front-loading washing machine, it only requires 15.8 gallons of water to run at full capacity.

That being said, its’ deceiving 3.7 cubic foot size can handle the toughest and largest family-sized loads when you need to give the machine a workout! The Kenmore HE also got top marks for it’s ability to remove the toughest of stains, while maintaining clothing integrity and construction.

When ranking the efficiency of washers and dryers, pay attention to the details of energy used and associated operating costs. One should look for the Energy Star logo, to know the machines operate at high efficiency. Many states also offer tax incentives and rebates for purchasing energy-efficient appliances. The Kenmore HE series offers all of these features, plus many more.

The Top Five Most Efficient Microwave Ovens

energy efficient microwaves

Ovens are one of the most common household appliances you can find. It has redefined the kitchen area and the cooking techniques that are incorporated into it. It is a convenient and efficient appliance that can be used to reheat foods that are a bit cold or frozen. If you’re shopping for the best and most energy efficient appliances on the market, here are the top 5 ovens you can include on your list of options. Remember, always look for the Energy Star label on any appliance.

One is the Panasonic 1.2 cubic feet Countertop Black Inverter 1350-Watt Oven. This oven model is designed with an inverter technology that is one of the latest features to hit the industry of appliances. The technology works by adjusting the cooking time of the food depending on which power you selected. For instance, if you choose 50% power, the appliance will cook 100% of the time at 50% power rather than cycling off.

Second is the Sharp 0.5 Cubic Foot Microwave Oven and Toaster. This compact appliance is a smart combo brought to clients by Sharp. The appliance is a perfect item for people living in dorm rooms and small apartment units. This is because you get two functions at the price and space of one.

Third, the GE JVM1440 Over the Range Microwave Oven. These over-the-range appliances provides up to 950 watts of energy and a plethora of attributes, such as the child lock safety feature, express and extend cooking capabilities and the sensor cooking feature.

The fourth best and most efficient oven is the Sharp R-540 Microwave Oven. The appliance is highly powerful with 1,200 watts of power and a multitude of automated controls and functions like the sensor reheat and the automated defrosting.

The last yet definitely not the least among the best energy efficient appliances is the Kitchen Aid KCMS145J Microwave Oven. This appliance from Kitchen Aid dishes out 1,100 watts of power with great features and attributes for efficient reheating and cooking. This includes the keep warm feature, the child lock safety feature and the popcorn button.

Haier portable washing machine

There are some very good quality, apartment-sized washing machines on the market today. They can be purchased online at affordable rates and are very efficient in terms of using water and electricity. Energy efficient appliances are becoming more popular among eco-minded households and apartments.

One the most popular (not to mention, most efficient) washing machines that is great for any apartment is the Haier portable washing machine. This washer has all the the features a normal sized washer would have and it is very affordable. It is smaller scale washing machine and can fit in virtually any apartment.

Another great small sized washer is the LG Front Loading Cubic Foot Washer. This is a bit more expensive , but it is one of the best on the market. Some of the cool features include auto balance, auto suds removal, child lock, end of cycle beeper, self diagnostics, and many more features. It has a manufactures warranty for the system, which is nice in case of an emergency.

Also making the list is the Maytag High-Effeciency 2.4 cu. ft. capacity front loader. This washer is a bit pricey, but is a quality machine and customers are getting what they pay for. The installation is fast and easy, which is nice for those looking for a easy hookup. It can handle any load and has many of the same features a normal sized washer would include. These are all energy efficient appliances and don’t waste a lot of water.

The Top Five Most Efficient Dishwashers

bosch-dishwasher-energy efficient

There are a lot of great energy efficient appliances in the dishwasher department. The criteria for efficiency is based on the amount of kilowatt hours and water that each of the dishwashers use.

Coming in to first place is the company Bosch – which has extremely high environmental standards that they apply to all their appliances. There are five different models to choose from. They only use about 180 kilowatt hours per year and about 1.56 gallons per cycle.

The second top eco efficient dishwasher is in the Asko D5893XXL series. This one only has two energy efficient models. These models use about 186 kilowatt hours per year and about 3.8 gallons per cycle. And as you can see, this is twice as much water as the previous dishwasher model. But it is still a lot more efficient than some of the other ones in our review.

The third on our list is the Asko model D3531. This model uses about 194 kilowatt hours per year and about 3.8 gallons a year per cycle.

Fourth on the list of top energy efficient dishwashers is the Bosch SGE63E0*UC model. This model uses about 234 kilowatt hours per year and about 1.56 gallons a cycle.

The fifth top energy efficient dishwashers is tied amongst the various other Bosch models. There are about three models that are very energy efficient. These models use 234 kilowatts hours per year and 2.21 gallons per cycle.

The Bosch and Asko are taking over the dishwashers market, making them brands that you are going to want to check out when you are wanting to buy a more eco-friendly appliance.