The Kenmore Elite French Door Refrigerator


Kenmore has a lot of products that they sell. There is a refrigerator that has three doors and with this the bottom is a freezer. You don’t have to be overwhelmed with all the models that you are offered. They have different price points and when you are shopping for these deals, you should compare prices on these refrigerators. You can get a refrigerator without sacrificing the quality. This energy star refrigerator will add sophistication to your kitchen.

There is a an internal water dispenser that offers fresh water to anyone in the house. What is great about this, is you can get this water without you opening the door and it leaves you a clean door. There is another convenient place to store deli trays. There is a full-width Gourmet Pantry Drawer and it offers a way to store healthy snacks like fresh fruit and vegetables.

You can make a difference in choosing the Energy Star refrigerator, which is uses 20% less than any other model. When you choose a refrigerator, it uses less energy then most energy efficient appliances in the home. That is why I choose the Kenmore Elite French-Door Refrigerator w/ Acceler-Ice (7759), because it is a budget friendly model. It is an energy efficient refrigerator and it’s price is $1560-1800. You should buy one, it will make your home more efficient because it uses less energy.

Whirlpool Side By Side Refrigerator

If you are searching for a refrigerator for your home, then you have come to the right place for quality information that you can rely on. The Whirlpool Side By Side Refrigerator (GS5VHAXWA) is a high quality energy efficient fridge that will deliver you the best performance in keeping your food protected and fresh. It is also energy star rated. That means you will gain great savings on your electric bill. While the refrigerator is in use, it will also help save energy all at the same time. When you shop for appliances you should look for the energy star tag and you will know that you are buying a high quality product.

The energy rating of the fridge has a five-star rating and that means it is the best. Whirlpool is a top selling brand that many people prefer when buying appliances for their home. You can order this fridge online and have it shipped right to your home or business. The online suppliers will offer them at great discount prices that you can afford. They also offer easy payment options that will make it much easier for you to own one. You can place your order now and choose from many different sizes, colors and designs to match your kitchen area. An online professional salesperson at the top rated online store can help you make your selection. Your fridge will be delivered with a great warranty, instructions for use and operations, and instructions for care and cleaning.

Whirlpool Freezer on Bottom French Door Refrigerator (

I purchased a new side-by-side energy efficient refrigerator for my house. The refrigerator is a Whirlpool Freezer on Bottom French Door Refrigerator (GX5FHTXVY). It fit perfectly in my kitchen and the storage space works great. I purchased it at an appliance store and it only cost me $1511. 00. I saved $287.00 dollars and the shipping was free to my home. There was a 30-day return to it but I did not exercise this right because the refrigerator and freezer combo work fantastic. My old refrigerator had a problem with the food in the top freezing and I lost a lot of food. This new whirlpool freezer is an energy efficient refrigerator that is energy star rated. It saves me on my electricity bill every month. I love my new refrigerator. It is classy and expensive looking.

The Whirlpool Freezer on Bottom French Door Refrigerator has 7.5 cubic feet of freezer space and 17.3 cubic feet in the refrigeration part. There are four shelves made of glass with slide out shelves, humidity controlled crispers, area in the door that will hold a gallon of milk, a drawer for deli meats and a drawer for dairy products.

This energy efficient refrigerator worked very nicely when my husband went hunting. We were able to fill up the whole bottom of the freezer for the winter and now have lots of meat. The freezer is a frost-free so I have not had to worry about defrosting ever. The refrigerator part of the unit will hold all of my groceries and can be easily cleaned. I really recommend everyone to look at this refrigerator/ freezer for his or her own homes. With the energy savings we received, we were able to purchase more food.

The Sanyo Frost-Free Apartment-Size Refrigerator

Sanyo Frost-Free Apartment-Size Refrigerator

If you are looking for an apartment size refrigerator, then you have come to the right place for quality information. The Sanyo brand is the best. The Sanyo brand is a top leading brand that many people prefer. The Sanyo Frost-Free Apartment Size Refrigerator (SR-1031W/S) is perfect for an apartment or college dorm. They are really compact in size and easy to fit in a small space. This is a fridge with a freezer combined. It will keep your drinks really cold and stores food well. It even has a space to make ice. They come available in a variety of colors too.

This Sanyo brand fridge is really reasonable in cost. It comes complete with a long lasting warranty you will love. Sanyo really knows how to please their customers because they offer the best appliances on the market. This Sanyo is frost-free and that means you will not have to go through the trouble of defrosting it. That means a whole lot less mess for you. That also means you will be saving quality time. Defrosting a freezer takes up a lot of time and creates a lot of work, but with this one you will not have that to do. It is also an energy efficient refridgerator. It will help you cut the cost of your electricity bill.

When shopping for an appliance you will know that it is energy efficient when it has the energy star sticker. Sanyo supplies its customers with energy saving products because it really cares for them. That is why so many people buy the Sanyo brand. You can order this fridge online for your apartment or dorm and have it shipped right to your door. You can find it being sold online at great low discount prices that you will love. The online supplier offers them at great sale prices to help people just like you save money.

When your fridge arrives you will find that it comes complete with an owners manual rthat contains the instructions for use and operation. It also comes with great tips and advice to keep it clean and care for it. You can get many years of long lasting service and excellent performance from this fridge. Your college friends will just love your fridge and they will soon want one too. You can place your order for yours now and it will be shipped out fast.

Miele Built-in Fully Integrated Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

When it comes to energy efficient refridgerator this 30″ Built-in Fully Integrated Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator by Miele has all the bells and whistles.

For storage there are three spill-safe, cantilever glass shelves and three adjustable door bins. There are also two large fully-extendable storage drawers that features Miele’s Smart Fresh system for individual temperature and humidity requirements.

It is run by a dual compressor system and by having independent cooling systems no air is ever exchanged between the freezer and refrigerator.

It is controlled by Miele’s MasterCool control system with easy to adjust settings for each of its four independent cooling zones.

Any fault in the performance of this appliance is immediately noticed by Miele’s RemoteVision where through Wi-Fi technology a virtual link between the refrigerator and Miele”s monitoring center is created.

This energy efficient refrigerator has an Energy Star rating of 33 percent and consumes 422 kWh per year. When compared to a refrigerator manufactured in between the year 1993-2000 whose average consumption was 850 kWh, that is over half of the kWh’s saved per year.

The average price on this high-end refrigerator is $6,999 dollars or $7,895 dollars for stainless steel. The initial investment can appear rather steep but keep in mind that to be an Energy Star product one of the major principles is: “If the qualified product costs more than a conventional, less-efficient counterpart, purchasers will recover their investment in increased energy efficiency through utility bill savings, within a reasonable period of time.”

The Sub-Zero Over-and-Under Refrigerator Review

Sub-Zero Over-and-Under Refrigerator

The Sub-Zero Over-and-Under Refrigerator / Freezer (item number BI-30U) is a wonderful product. Every family must use it in their home to freeze their fresh products. It is so exciting for every member of the family to be able to buy the food they prefer and then, coming home, to choose one of the different spaces in this energy efficient refridgerator.

I love this refrigerator.It is so practical with its big containers in the bottom that allow the family to put a great amount of vegetables in this energy efficient refridgerator. It is so easy to organize all your numerous products in this energy star. To clean this main appliance in a kitchen is a delight.

My neighbor loves it. My parents bought it. My friends enjoy this energy star-rated fridge and I truly think anyone would want to own such a beautiful and practical refrigerator-freezer.

The kids enjoy to have lots of space in the freezer for all the ice-creams, pizzas, sausages, hot-dogs, salmon, turkey, chicken, beef, fries, and all the frozen packages they can find in the market. They can also have a special place on the sides of the refrigerator for all their preferred yoghurts, chocolate milk bottles, eggs for their pancakes and many other small products they eat at school or with friends at parties.

This refrigerator freezer occupies an important place in the kitchen and in the life of any family. Buy this practical, efficient, and beautiful appliance for your home.

When to Replace Your Freezer

freezers replacement

When it comes to storing food and saving money, having a freezer is a great asset. It makes sense that you would want it to last for a while. Simply repairing a damaged or broken freezer or part is all that is necessary in some cases, but you should consider a replacement if you find any of the following conditions:

Problematic Parts

If you find that the same part is continually breaking down, and you have had to call in a repairman on numerous occasions in a short amount of time, you can bet that there is something very wrong with your freezer. These issues most commonly arise in the compressor or defrost functions. Even if you were to replace the compressor, the problem may still exist. If your replacement part fails, then consider replacement.

Faulty Wiring

A freezer is full of hidden wiring. The vital components that keep your freezer running are typically unseen. A burning smell coming from the freezer indicates a wiring issue. Unplug the freezer immediately when this happens. By the time this happens, though, it is too late to fix it. Replacement is your only option.

Energy Efficiency

Is your 30-year-old freezer working just fine? That is great, but it may be costing you more in energy than it is saving you in functionality. The current generation of energy efficient appliances uses up to 60 percent less energy than those built in 1984. If your freezer is at least 15 years old, consider replacing it.

The Kenmore Top Freezer Refrigerator

Kenmore Top Freezer Refrigerator 7997

The Kenmore top freezer refrigerator is a leading brand that many people trust and rely on. This brand is highly recommended because it is an energy efficient refrigerator. That means it can help you save a lot of money on your electricity bill. This fridge runs and saves money at the same time. It will keep your foods really fresh and vegetable will be kept crispy. If you decide to purchase energy saving appliances then you should always look for the energy star tag. Many people like these type of appliances for their great performances. Kenmore gives all their appliances a great guarantee. They are made with the highest quality parts that deliver high performances. Everyone notices when you have a Kenmore.

An energy efficient refrigerator comes with many great features that you and your family will love. You can choose them in many different sizes, colors and designs. You may choose one to match your kitchen perfectly. Appliances with the energy star tag are leading sellers on the market because they are the best appliances. This Kenmore specialty can be purchased online at less the cost of buying it in a store. Top rated suppliers online offer it at a great low price. You can buy it right now and take advantage of the easy payment options. They are made quite durable delivering years of lasting service to those who own one. They are really easy to use and operate. They come equipped with many storage compartment for a variety of food. Kenmore really cares about their customers and they also know the importance of food storage.

It comes packaged with the instructions for installation and operation. It is spacious so when you store your food it will not be crowded. It has sleek designs that blend in well with most modern kitchens. They manufacturer knows what customers expect when they want to protect and care for their food. That is why it is one of the best top freezer refrigerators on the market. You get more for your money when you decide to purchase this brand and model. That is why Kenmore has long standing and loyal customers that remain with them for years, buying appliances of Kenmore you know you get the best. It will also make a fine gift for some one. If you order one online, then you will be really surprised at how much time you will save and how you can spend that time doing something else.

The Jenn-Air Side-By-Side Refrigerator Review

jenn-Air Built-In Side-By-Side Refrigerator with Dispenser

The Jenn-Air Built-In Side-By-Side Refrigerator with Dispenser is a model that should be considered when shopping for energy efficient refridgerators. This model carries an energy star rating of 15 percent and has a price tag of $7200. The warranty is five years, with the first year fully covering parts and labor.

This model comes in two stainless finishes, the euro-style and pro-style. The dispenser area features glass touch electronic controls with LED lighting. Also on the panel is the water filter indicator and reset. Open door and over temperature alarms are also standard on this model. The overall cubic footage is 25.3. The dimensions come in at 83 ½ inches high, 41 ½ inches wide and 24 inches deep.

The Jenn-Air refrigerator compartment is loaded with features. The doors feature gallon storage and adjustable bins. The adjustable glass shelves are spill proof. There are dedicated drawers for dairy and vegetables, which are advanced climate controlled. The lights are also covered to protect them from being broken by accidental bumps.

The freezer compartment also has many convenient features. This model features an automatic ice maker with a removable bin. The removable bin will come in handy when entertaining. There are also fixed and adjustable shelves. Just as in the refrigerator, there are covered lights in the freezer as well.

This energy efficient refridgerator is equipped to handle anything that is asked; the energy star rating will insure efficient energy consumption.

Which Dishwashers are Most Efficient?

Which Dishwashers are Most Efficient

Upgrading appliances in your home

Todays home-owner is showered with so many options when it comes to purchasing energy efficient appliances. Retailers everywhere are trying hard to sell the image of ‘green,’ and what could be any easier than that in today’s world? Government standards are rated at Energy Star, which is the most trusted source to help consumers save money and help the environment. Several areas are key for an product to qualify.

Meeting the Standard

Products must not only meet consumer needs, but also increase energy efficiency in the home. Are you aware that dishwashers made before 1994 waste more than 10 gallons of water with every wash cycle? Upgrading to an energy efficient model will not only save you money, but have less of a negative impact on the environment.

Tips for saving

1.Look for appliances that have the yellow Energy Star label when shopping;
2. Buy a size that fits your home and family’s needs. Buying too small of a product could waste money in the long run with over use;
3. Buy a dishwasher that offers more than one cycle option.

Shopping for new energy efficient appliances can be a daunting task if you do it alone. By using the above tips and doing a little research on your own, you’ll be sure to find a dishwasher that saves money and is friendly to the environment too. For more information on Energy Star ratings on many other appliances visit this link