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More and more people are becoming “green aware” and everyone likes to discover effective ways to save money. Washing clothes in cold water does both. It’s good for the environment and good for the household budget.

Running the washing machine uses energy and that costs money. But a large part of the expense of washing clothes is heating up the water. To put this into perspective, here’s an observation made by Proctor and Gamble who are the producers of Tide Coldwater. They note that if every person in New York City washed clothes in cold water for just one day, it would save the amount of energy it takes to light up the Empire State Building for thirty days! That’s a lot of energy and a lot of money.

The US Department of Energy has published this piece of information: if a person washes his or her laundry in cold water 80% of the time, it would be a savings of $60 to $100 annually, depending on the volume of laundry.

Another way washing clothes in cold water saves money is that cold water does not fade the colors in clothing like hot water does. In addition, all those nasty protein-based stains such as eggs and blood are “set” in hot water, but come out in cold water. There is clearly a lot of money savings when one’s clothes last longer.

When you buy a detergent for use in cold water, be sure that it states on the label it is an enzyme-based, cold water detergent.

What is the Most Energy Efficient Toaster?


What is the most efficient toaster?

The typical household toaster does not require a lot of kilowatt hours of electricity, perhaps about twenty hours on average. However that still leaves room for improvement, so when shopping for an energy efficient toaster it doesn’t hurt to keep these tips in mind:

1. Keep it Simple

Today’s toasters can come with a lot of bells and whistles, but the more features your toaster has the more energy it will require. That goes for more than just toasters, in general the most energy efficient appliances are the most simple appliances.

2. Go With Quality

Energy is wasted whenever you replace a toaster that breaks down. A toaster that lasts only six months will use more energy in manufacturing the new one and disposing of the old one than one good quality toaster would use in a year. Buying something dependable will save more energy in the long run, so find out what brands and models are dependable.

3. Maximize Control

Beware of toaster models that force you to use more electricity than you really need. For example if you buy a four slot toaster, avoid models that use all four slots at once whether you’re cooking four pieces of bread or not. Make sure you have the option to cook only two at time with a good heat level setter so that you can control how long the toast cooks and how hot it burns.

Follow these tips and you will save energy with every slice of toast!

Dr. Heater Portable Infared Space Heater

Review – Dr. Heater Portable Infared Space Heater

The Dr. Heater Portable Infared Space Heater is a great product to have around the house. It provides an excellent source of supplemental heat for those rooms that are just too cold. Using this heater is also an energy efficient way to heat the home. Instead of heating the entire home at once this small heater can be used to heat just one room at once. The heater has wheels so it is easy to move from room to room as needed.

Even though it is small, this energy efficient space heater packs a lot of punch for it’s size. It can heat up to a 1,000 sq ft area at once and bring it up to a nice toasty temperature. The temperature is adjustable from 65 to 86 degrees so the user can find the perfect temperature and adjust it accordingly. Because this heater can bring a 1,000 foot space up to around 70 degrees it can be a great way to reduce energy costs by turning down the baseboard and/or central heating. It saves energy and money to supplement with Dr. Heater.

Another good thing about energy efficient appliances is that they usually run quieter than regular appliances. This energy efficient heater is so quiet that it is hardly noticeable that it is running except for a small orange indicator light. There are different models of the Dr. Heater but this particular 1500 watt model runs between $180-$190 depending on where it is purchased.

The RedCore Infrared Space Heater & Air Purifier


The Red Core 15202 Infrared Space Heater with built in humidifier and Air Purifier the 3-in-1 design provides the best warmth and comfort for any room in the house all in a compact contemporary design that blends sufficiently well in any room.


The Red Core 15202 Portable heater delivers warmth throughout the room up to 1000 square feet with a powerful 1500-watt heater, while adding just the right amount of moisture to the air as it removes harmful dust, mold spores, and allergens while purifying the air.

Accented perfectly with silver the black lustrous finish shines modestly resting on caster wheels. The Red Core 15202 Infrared Space Heater features three room settings with two adjustable fan speeds, as well as an adjustable digital thermostat. This model also has a couple of safety features such as the delayed start feature and the safety tip over switch, which shuts down the heater if it accidentally is tipped over.

The Red Core 15202 Infrared Space heater is the ideal 3-in-1 unit with adjustable fan speeds, and temperature settings all located on a digital panel, which displays the temperature of the room as well.


The Red Core 15202 Infrared Space Heater and Air Purifier is an energy efficient space heater which runs as high as $600 to as low as $279. Energy efficient appliances are in great demand and retailers are drawing customers in with great sales and savings so, it does pay to shop around for the best prices.

Danby 12000 BTU Portable 4-in-1 Air Conditioner Heater

For an eco-friendly AC unit I would recommend the Danby 12000 BTU Portable 4 in one air conditioner/heater. This energy efficient air conditioner is great when you want your air conditioner to be versatile. They have a sleek design and can be moved around from room to room in a matter of minutes. The weight is only 97 lbs. It makes rolling it around on the casters from room to room quite feasible. The range for this air-conditioner on full tilt is about 500 sf. The heater, fan, and humidifier are useful year round.

Most negative reviews surfacing from these energy efficient appliances are from people that try to use it in a manner other than intended. What makes it Eco-friendly is the R410A refrigerant that does not destroy the ozone as does Freon.

The fan has three speeds that help it run very quietly on lower settings. It also has a 54 pint dehumidifier with an easy direct drain feature. The LED display features a programmable clock so you can time your use around your schedule. The colors are either black or a neutral tan.

They come at a very reasonable price range between 350.00 and 500.00 dollars depending on the size and whether or not you want the 3 in one or 4 in 1 features. Make sure that you read the directions well and follow then closely. They need to vent out the window like any other air conditioning unit. If you do, you will have a sweet little unit.

Review – Haier 12K Portable Air Conditioner

Haier 12K Portable Air Conditioner

If you have an in window air conditioner with more than one room to cool, then you know how troubling it can be to lower the temperature in the extending rooms. An in-window air conditioner is heavy and semi-permanent only giving the room that it was installed in the proper attention. Haier has come up with a solution to the in-window air conditioner.

The Haier 12K Portable Air Conditioner is the latest energy efficient appliance that allows for mobility and efficiency. Because the Haier does not mount into a window and is a free standing unit on wheels, it is easy to move from room to room. No longer are you worrying about cooling down excess rooms. The Haier can be installed in any room that has a window in less than a minute.

An additional bonus to this energy efficient air conditioner is that along with its 12000 BTU cooling capacity it also provides an 11000 BTU heating capacity giving you year-round use. Another added bonus with this unit is the built-in dehumidifier. This key feature will remove water from the air on even the muggiest days of summer leaving the air clean and comfortable.

Energy efficient appliances like these are hard to find. Appliances are expensive and because of that they become investments. The Haier 12K Portable Air Conditioner is a great investment because of its versatility to cool, warm, and dehumidify any room in the house.


These days it seems as though many popular companies are working hard to create products that are both effective and good for the environment. When it comes to something that for many years proved to have a negative effect on the environment, like air conditioning, having a green product is really something worth taking a look at. Perhaps that means that the Whynter ARC-12S Eco-Friendly 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner is worth taking a look at.

Energy efficient appliances are pretty easy to come by these days. However, there are not a lot of options when it comes to the purchase of an energy efficient air conditioner. Not only this, but finding one that is portable as well can be as equally tricky.

Perhaps you should become a little more familiar with some of the popular features and functions of this particular make and model, so you can have a decent outlook on what has made it such a hot commodity. Apart from the lesser energy use, there are numerous other innovative additions and features that have offered good ratings from customers.

One of these things would be the incredible area that it is able to cool, considering that it is a portable unit. This particular make and model is able to effectively cool an area of 400 ft., which is quite a considerable distance considering the average room alone comprises less than a 16th of that size.

Another popular feature would be the auto drain technology. This is a recyclable process the machine undertakes which generates water through the cooling process to create more cool air. This is an innovation in itself, which uses less energy and ultimately saves you money on running the machine regularly.

On average, this impressive machine should land you somewhere around $450 to purchase outright. This is obviously set to fluctuate based on where you shop and the shipping options from online markets.

DeLonghi PAC A120E 12,000-BTU Eco-Friendly Portable Air Conditioner

Looking for an environment-friendly and power-saving air coolant? Glad you asked.

The DeLonghi PAC A120E 12,000-BTU Eco-Friendly Portable Air Conditioner is an ecologically-thoughtful air coolant which uses Puron refrigerant gas safe to the environment and the ozone layer. With 12,000 BTUs of cooling power, this portable coolant also multitasks as a dehumidifier and air cleaner – an all in one package that fits the bill and does the job well.

There are many energy efficient appliances in the market, and the DeLonghi Portable Air Conditioner suits the ailing world’s fight against ecological destruction with the utilization of the R-410A refrigerant, with zero levels of ODP (Ozone depletion potential) and doesn’t contain hydrochlorofluorocarbon – the compound that damages the earth’s shield against the sun.

Air coolants that use the R-410 refrigerant gas operate more quietly than older units that used a different type of gas. This is because the compressors designed for Puron do not take as much space and do not vibrate as the older models. The reduced vibration also slows down wear on the components, assuring durability on your unit.

This energy efficient air conditioner offers four different levels of fan speeds, a control panel with an easily understandable LCD display, an adjustable thermostat, and comes with a handy remote control and a 24-hour timer that can turn the unit on at a set time – imagine coming home to a cooled room after your morning errands.

For as low as $550, take your first step towards living green while chilling in the comfort of your home.


The Whirlpool Freezer on Top Refrigerator comes in several models that are ranked as energy efficient refrigerators.The 10 cu. Ft fridge comes fully loaded with the necessary advantages like a freezer on top. It is also easy to place in any location in the kitchen or any other part of your house. The space available inside is enough to store all types of fruits, drinks and food stuffs.

With a sleek design inside all the leaks and spills are easily contained so as not to affect other foods. The automatic defrost system will ensure that food comes out of the fridge frost free. This goes inline with the energy star guidelines. The external make comes with sleek handles that combine the modern style and energy efficient refrigerator design. The exterior is as convenient as the interior. The color of the exterior is grey and fits into most kitchen decors.

The price is pocket friendly for most of home owners. At only $399, you get an energy efficient refrigerator as well as a beautifully designed one with the Whirlpool Freezer on Top Refrigerator.

Comparing the Most Energy Efficient Fridges


Refrigerators use more energy in the home, compared to that of any other appliance. We don’t want to ditch the refrigerators but we need to make a difference in our home by using Energy Star refrigerators. They are 20% more efficient than other models. Here are the best refrigerators that you need to consider.

You need to pick out the best energy efficient refrigerator and it has to be a quality fridge. There is high quality, middle quality and low quality, you just need to pick out the best model for your needs. There is a refrigerator and it’s price is $7699 and it has over-and-under refrigerator/freezer and it’s rating is 27%. A Jenn-Air built in side-by-side refrigerator with a dispenser and it has a price off $7200 and it’s rating is 30%. A fully integrated bottom-freezer refrigerator and it is made by Miele and it’s price is $6999 and it’s rating is 33%.

Then there are the middle choices and they are a whirlpool freezer with a bottom french door and it’s price is at $1799-$1999 and it has the rating of 20%. A Whirlpool Side by Side refrigerator and it has a rating of 30% and it’s price is $1599-1799. Then you have a Kenmore Elite refrigerator with an ice machine, it is rated 20% and it’s price is $1560-1800.

The low side of the refrigerators and it includes a GE Top-refrigerator and it has a 20% rating and it sells for $939. A Kenmore Top refrigerator that has a 20% rating and it sells for $809-977. Whirlpool/freezer on the top and it’s rating is 31% and it’s price is $700-999. Then the last one is Sanyo frost-free apartment size, and it’s rating is 21% and it’s price is $436. All of these are great refrigerators, but you need to choose which one you would want.