Top Load vs. Front Load Washing Machines

Top Load vs. Front Load Washing Machines

Washing machines have suddenly become a bit more complicated than they had been with front load washing machines making a big comeback. Which is better? I think that all depends upon the person and what their preferences are.

The advantages to a front load washing machine are many. They are more environmentally friendly as they use less water, adapting to the load size in many cases. Also, as many front load washing machines are newer than top load, you are more apt to find that they are more likely to be endorsed by the energy star label. The energy star label means it is a more energy efficient appliance.

Front load washing machines are also gentler on your clothing with the absence of the agitator.

Front load washing machines are also quieter and make your home more peaceful.

There is no need to have to listen for the cycle to hit a certain point in which to add fabric softener with a front load washing machine. You are able to load all the detergents, boosters, bleach and fabric softener at the very beginning in separate little compartments. This little feature is a wonderful advantage and makes doing laundry so much easier.

Front load washing machines are also stackable and can be space saving if that is a concern in the home.

Front load washers also have many options that top load washing machines do not always have.

There are some advantages to top load washers as well.

A top load washer is easier on your back because you don’t have to squat down to retrieve the laundry out of the washer.

Also, top load washers are cheaper at the time of purchase even though the savings with a front load washing machine with laundry and water eventually make up the difference and pay for the washing machine over time.

Top load washing machines tend to have a fresher smell than some front load washing machines. Front load washing machines can acquire a musty smell from the tight seal that forms when the door to it is closed. You can bypass this problem by choosing a front load washing machine with a sanitize option which cleans your washing machine and keeps it smelling fresh for you.