How to Vent a Portable Air Conditioner


Over the years air conditioners have been developed for better use and comfort living. Today air conditioners are even more easy and convenient to use due to the portable models that have been created. You can transfer them from different rooms and to pretty much anywhere you’d like. However, portable air conditioners need venting.

Venting is necessary because it provides a passage where hot air releases from the air conditioner. You can vent your conditioners through the window, walls, ceiling, or anywhere the air can easily pass through. Venting can also help your machine work more efficiently and allow your product to have a longer lifespan. The venting kit comes with your air conditioner with no additional costs. It is very easy to setup. Just follow these instructions:

Steps in venting your air conditioner:
• Carefully read the manual which was provided with the air conditioner.
• Select the place where you want to set the air conditioner and venting up.
• Extend the slide connector into the window and make sure it fits.
• Connect the exhaust hose to the exhaust connector in the back of the unit.
• Then, extend the hose and connect it to the hole of the slide connector you installed in the window.
• Make sure it is properly installed and check if everything is in place.
• Lastly, close the window and now you are ready for cooling.

Always follow the appropriate instructions provided.
Frequently maintain or check the air conditioner and the exhaust hose. Keep it clean.