Venting an Air Conditoner in an Apartment


Venting an air conditioner in an apartment is easy to do you will need a few tools to complete the installation. If you are using a window unit you must measure the window and make sure it will fit the dimensions. If in doubt bring the measurements with you to the store they will be able to help make sure you get the right fit.

Read the directions carefully because placement of the unit in the window will assure that the condensation that comes from the unit will not flood back into your window sill. Once the unit is in place and you close the window you will have to pull the side panels they are accordion like and screw into the window frame. You now have a perfectly vented air conditioning unit to come home to and enjoy.

If dealing with a window unit is not for you look at the convenient floor models they are easy to install and only the vent goes out the window. After you measure your room and the size of the window a trip to the store is next to buy the floor model that suits your needs. The unit will contain a kit that fits different size windows and you can adjust it to fit your needs.

Whether you choose a window unit or a floor model both are easy to install and vent. Be sure to have a screw driver and small drill handy and you are on your way to installing summers greatest invention – air conditioning.