The Five Best Gas Grills under $200

Kingsford 784 sq inch Grill

Summer is here at last, and with summer comes camping and beach trips, and of course, the family barbecue. Barbecuing with your children can be a lot of fun, as you can involve them in the entire process, up to the grilling part. They can help you make kabobs, cut up potatoes, and of course, eat the finished product!

Most families are on a budget when it comes to purchasing their gas grills, but buying a gas grill does not have to break the bank. In fact, most grills are under $200. The top five gas grills under $200 that are great choices for families are:

1.) Kingsford 381-sq. in. Grill
This grill, at a mere $98, boasts excellent features including a 20 burger capacity, two 8″ wheels for easy portability, and much more.

2.) This model, priced at $148, is suitable for larger families, or people that love hosting parties. It features a 527 square inch cooking surface along with 257 square inches of warming space. You can cook up to 28 burgers at the same time, and although this grill is large, it is still easy to move around.

3.) Weber One Touch Silver 18.5″ Grill
At $79 this grill is a steal, with features such as no rust aluminum vents, crack proof all weather wheels, and a cookbook! Its lightweight material allows for easy maneuvering if it happens to start raining and you need to move your grill to a drier location.

4.) Backyard Grill 750-Square Inch Dual Gas/Charcoal Grill
This grill, costing around $198, is definitely one for the outdoor grilling enthusiasts. It features three main burners, a removable ash pan, a 32 burger capacity, and a dual hight temperature painted steel hood. The best part about it is its 90 day warranty. This allows you to truly test the grill out and see if it is a good fit for you.

5.) Meco Swinger Series 342 sq. inch Square Grill
At $65, this grill is a must-have for the traveling family. Its rolling wheels ensure easy mobility, while the attached tilt-away hood allow for easy cooking while also making it easy to pack everything up again.

A gas grill does not need to break the bank. There is something in everyone’s price range, so find the gas grill that feels right for you.