Boarding Tuition

Resident Student Tuition & Fees for the
2020-2021 School Year
Tuition + 5-day room and board (available for domestic students only) $42,963
Tuition + 7-day room and board (available for both domestic & international students) $44,448
Esto Vir International Course (first year international students only) $ 2,600
International Student fee $ 1,500
Matriculation fee $ 200
Laptop lease fee $ 830
Books and Supplies (estimated) $ 600
Special Course fees and Experiential Class Trip fees (estimated)
$ 1,500

International Student Insurance$ 1,300

Domestic Families have three tuition payment options:
  • 100% due by August 1
  • 3 payments: August 1, November 1, February 1 ($50 fee applies)
  • 9-month payment plan via monthly deductions from a checking account using our FACTS system.
International Families have two* payment options:
  • 100% due by August 1
  • 50% due August 1 and November 15

Tuition can be paid by signing up to Flywire, or with cash, check or credit card (credit card payments incur an add'l. 2.5% fee). International families may also wire payments directly to our bank account.

*9 monthly payments can be made from a checking or savings account. Families must have an U.S. bank account in order to use this service.