Campus Ministry

Every student is required to take a retreat each year, and the majority of those retreats are student-led. Students also have required service hours each year, and we provide local, national and international service opportunities. Each house has a partnering service agency, and the students learn about our partnering service agencies' missions while supporting them through charity and service work. The campus ministry sponsors our Service Club, Pro-Life Club, Vocations Club, Liturgical Choir, Mission Week Team, and Marianist LIFE Community (a faith sharing group). Our junior religious commissioners help to organize liturgy and prayer opportunities for students every day, and students of all grade-levels are given chances to lead morning prayer and to perform diverse ministries at Masses and prayer services. Reconciliation is offered to every student at least two times a year.

By providing these faith experiences, we shepherd our students along their Esto Vir journeys so that they will hear and heed Jesus' call and become the men the world needs them to be.

Matt Dailey
Director of Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministry Center is located on the first floor of Frische Hall, adjacent to the Immaculate Conception Chapel. The Campus Ministry Center is open before, during, and after school most days. All students are welcome to stop by, hang out, or study in the center.

Chaminade's Campus Ministry is charged with the faith development of all students and faculty. Our mission is to teach and share faith, to invite students and faculty to participate in an active faith life, and to provide opportunities for that participation.

Campus Ministry works with students, faculty and staff:

  • To invite everyone to a relationship with God in Jesus Christ
  • To connect them with others
  • To help them grow in the love of God through experiences of prayer, sacraments, liturgy and the Church
  • To cultivate formation of faith in the Catholic-Marianist tradition, emphasizing growth in the virtues of Jesus through devotion to Mary
  • To guide them toward both the mission of servant leadership, especially to the poor and disenfranchised, and also to a more complete sense of their own life mission in the world.

Campus Ministry coordinates the Marianist Service Program. All students are expected to perform service as a component of their formation and education at Chaminade. Requirements increase as students move from middle school to high school, and from underclassmen to upperclassmen.Learn more

Campus Ministry also coordinates the retreat program. All students from Sixth Grade through their senior year will attend a retreat annually. High School students will be invited to serve as retreat leaders, and students help to lead retreats at all levels. Learn more

All liturgies and sacramental opportunities on campus are facilitated by Campus Ministry. Monthly First Friday masses and morning masses and reconciliation services in Advent and Lent are just some of the liturgies available to students. Working within their individual Houses, students have an opportunity to participate in the various roles. Learn more

Other aspects of Campus Ministry include:

  • Weekly Missions Collections (including the Sharing and Caring Drive)
  • Morning Prayer (read by students)
  • Marianist Life Community (MLC)