When to Replace Your Freezer

freezers replacement

When it comes to storing food and saving money, having a freezer is a great asset. It makes sense that you would want it to last for a while. Simply repairing a damaged or broken freezer or part is all that is necessary in some cases, but you should consider a replacement if you find any of the following conditions:

Problematic Parts

If you find that the same part is continually breaking down, and you have had to call in a repairman on numerous occasions in a short amount of time, you can bet that there is something very wrong with your freezer. These issues most commonly arise in the compressor or defrost functions. Even if you were to replace the compressor, the problem may still exist. If your replacement part fails, then consider replacement.

Faulty Wiring

A freezer is full of hidden wiring. The vital components that keep your freezer running are typically unseen. A burning smell coming from the freezer indicates a wiring issue. Unplug the freezer immediately when this happens. By the time this happens, though, it is too late to fix it. Replacement is your only option.

Energy Efficiency

Is your 30-year-old freezer working just fine? That is great, but it may be costing you more in energy than it is saving you in functionality. The current generation of energy efficient appliances uses up to 60 percent less energy than those built in 1984. If your freezer is at least 15 years old, consider replacing it.