Three Water Saving Toilets Under $300

kohler toilets

Are you looking for a water saving toilet? Toilets that require less water are very popular these days, as they save you money and improve the environment with each and every flush. Now, if you want to buy one of these, then it is imperative that you look to see what is out there. I highly recommend staying away from toilets that are priced too high, because in reality they do the same thing as ones that are at and under $300. This is why I have decided to share with you the best 3 water saving toilets under $300.

Niagara’s Power One HET – This is one of the best water saving toilets on the market today. The benefit of the Niagara Power One is that it only used 1 gallon of water per flush. This is more than 70% lower than the typical 3.5 gallons per flush toilets. Something that I believe you will like is that this looks like the typical toilet, except it uses much less water and costs a fraction of what other high priced water saving toilets cost.

Kohler 3611 Highline – This specific toilet offers Kohlers Comfort Height system, which means that you are at the right height for optimum comfort. Many toilets don’t offer this and that is why this is so special. Something that I like about the Kohler 3611 is that it only uses 1.28 gallons per flush and costs around $250. Depending on where you will buy this toilet, the cost could be a little higher or a little lower. This is the toilet that I have and when I bought it online it ran me roughly $235.

Kohler EcoSmart – As the name says, the EcoSmart toilet is perfect for all you Eco-friendly people. This toilet uses a little over 1 gallon per flush and has the Kohler guarantee.

All 3 of these water saving toilets are great, so choose one that you like and buy it. Remember, it is better to spend a little more one a toilet now, in return for saving money on water usage each and every year.

Keurig Special Edition B60

When I wake up in the morning, it is important to start my day with a fresh cup of joe. Needless to say, it is super important to me that I buy an efficient coffee maker to brew a fresh pot! When choosing a coffee maker, I like to have one that not only makes good brew, but is also an energy efficient maker. Here are two of the most effective coffee makers on the market, that meet my requirements as an eco-minded shopper, and as a connoisseur of the bean!

• Cuisinart DTC-975: This is one of the most energy efficient appliances available. The device contains an auto shut off button, so you can save energy. Once the brewing completes, an alarm beeps and it turns off. It keeps coffee hot for about 12 hours. The joe tastes great all day long, and you are saving energy.

• Keurig Special Edition B60: This is probably my favorite energy efficient maker as it is very effective. This single-serve coffee maker is long-lasting and has a quality heating and pumping system. Water will heat in just a few seconds, and its also great for making hot tea – which is great for me in the evenings when I certainly don’t need that extra caffeine burst.

Having an good coffee maker is essential, but having one that also is better for the environment is a huge bonus! Plus, making your own brew at home rather than going to Starbucks every day (talking about paper waste – they use two cups per order!) is a step in the right, green direction – not to mention the money you’ll save in the long run.

What is the Most Energy Efficient Toaster?


What is the most efficient toaster?

The typical household toaster does not require a lot of kilowatt hours of electricity, perhaps about twenty hours on average. However that still leaves room for improvement, so when shopping for an energy efficient toaster it doesn’t hurt to keep these tips in mind:

1. Keep it Simple

Today’s toasters can come with a lot of bells and whistles, but the more features your toaster has the more energy it will require. That goes for more than just toasters, in general the most energy efficient appliances are the most simple appliances.

2. Go With Quality

Energy is wasted whenever you replace a toaster that breaks down. A toaster that lasts only six months will use more energy in manufacturing the new one and disposing of the old one than one good quality toaster would use in a year. Buying something dependable will save more energy in the long run, so find out what brands and models are dependable.

3. Maximize Control

Beware of toaster models that force you to use more electricity than you really need. For example if you buy a four slot toaster, avoid models that use all four slots at once whether you’re cooking four pieces of bread or not. Make sure you have the option to cook only two at time with a good heat level setter so that you can control how long the toast cooks and how hot it burns.

Follow these tips and you will save energy with every slice of toast!


Toaster are found in every kitchen. Often times people use toaster ovens because they don’t have room for a conventional oven. The toaster oven is designed to replace a conventional oven in apartments or houses where a person cannot fit a traditional oven. They are most commonly use in small studio apartments and the like. The single room dwellings often contain hot plates and toaster ovens.

The toaster oven was designed to be a quick item that lets people cook food when there is not time to cook a larger or proper meal. Although the toaster oven and the toaster both prepare food, they do not prepare it in the same way. The toaster oven usually only has one or two coils that heat the oven. The toaster uses many different resistors to spread the heat evenly across the bread, bagel or other item a person may place in their toaster. It usually takes longer to achieve the same effect in a toaster oven.

Both can be energy efficient appliances, but the toaster generally uses energy more efficiently than the toaster office. This happens because of the differences in how the appliances work. They each are good for specific tasks, so just try and make sure you are buying one that is Energy star certified.