Which Dishwashers are Most Efficient?

Which Dishwashers are Most Efficient

Upgrading appliances in your home

Todays home-owner is showered with so many options when it comes to purchasing energy efficient appliances. Retailers everywhere are trying hard to sell the image of ‘green,’ and what could be any easier than that in today’s world? Government standards are rated at Energy Star, which is the most trusted source to help consumers save money and help the environment. Several areas are key for an product to qualify.

Meeting the Standard

Products must not only meet consumer needs, but also increase energy efficiency in the home. Are you aware that dishwashers made before 1994 waste more than 10 gallons of water with every wash cycle? Upgrading to an energy efficient model will not only save you money, but have less of a negative impact on the environment.

Tips for saving

1.Look for appliances that have the yellow Energy Star label when shopping;
2. Buy a size that fits your home and family’s needs. Buying too small of a product could waste money in the long run with over use;
3. Buy a dishwasher that offers more than one cycle option.

Shopping for new energy efficient appliances can be a daunting task if you do it alone. By using the above tips and doing a little research on your own, you’ll be sure to find a dishwasher that saves money and is friendly to the environment too. For more information on Energy Star ratings on many other appliances visit this link http://www.energystar.gov.