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Alexander J. Yates, FNP-C


Nurse Practitioner - Family

Office Location

电子老虎机游戏平台网址大全 Urgent Care
1726 E Beverly Ave Ste A
Kingman, AZ 86409-3500
Kingman Regional Medical Center Provider
Doctors (Showing 1 - 1 of 1 results)


The medical providers listed in this directory have privileges at 电子老虎机游戏平台网址大全 and actively practice in the Kingman community. Providers who are employed or contracted with 电子老虎机游戏平台网址大全 as part of our multidisciplinary medical team are indicated separately.

If you would like personal assistance in choosing a medical provider who can best meet your needs, please call our "FIND A DOCTOR" hotline at: 1-855-ASK 电子老虎机游戏平台网址大全 (1-855-275-5762)