Care and Cleaning for Stainless Steel Countertops


Stainless steel is very popular material used for counter tops today. It looks elegant when it’s clean, since it resists rust and corrosion. The main risks (and not to mention major eyesore) to stainless steel are dirt, grime and dust. These are easily overcome as long as you can manage to keep your countertops clean and shiny.

You can wash stainless steel with a microfiber cloth and warm water for routine cleaning. This is the easiest method and also the option that poses the lowest risk to the steel. Microfiber works very well on stainless steel. This type of cloth can hold a lot of water, and although it may absorb oil and dirt, it won’t damage or scratch it, as long as it’s not dirty. Microfiber is durable, too, and it doesn’t shed lint like some cleaning cloths tend to do.

If you need more power in your cleaning, use warm water and a mild detergent. Be sure to rinse the counter top first to prevent spotting or staining. You can use many different kinds of dish soaps that are environmentally friendly and will still do a good job on the counters. Today’s Eco-friendly dish liquids can degrease and clean quite effectively. Use a few drops of your dish detergent liquid to lift away food and cut through grease. Use a towel to dry it off, to prevent water spotting, which is sometimes caused by the minerals found in water.

If you have children, you probably tend to get a lot of fingerprints on your stainless steel countertops. You can clean them with ammonia or glass cleaner. Rinse the counter after cleaning, and dry it with a towel. You may also purchase a newer finish that works to resist fingerprints on stainless steel.

If they have become scratched or stained, you may need to use stainless steel cleaner to clean and polish the counter. Most of these polishes and steel cleaners will remove the stains and help in minimizing scratches. They will also give your counters a beautiful shine. Test your chosen brand on a spot that’s not easily visible, to be sure it works properly. Rinse the counter well and dry with a towel. With a bit of work and the right tools, you can keep your stainless steel countertops looking new.