Do Induction Cooktops Cook Food Faster?

induction cook top stove

Induction cooking is safer for children because this is an electric type of cooking. Induction cooking uses a magnetic coil to heat the cookware; however the magnetic coil does not get hot, so children cannot get burned. These magnetic coils will cook food faster. These magnetic coils heat the cookware and food faster. Induction type cooking will not heat up the kitchen because they do not heat the air.

Induction cooking is also available in glass top stoves. The glass top will cover the magnetic coils that heat the cookware, however the glass top does not heat; making is safe for children and pets in the household. Glass top stoves are made of glass ceramic and this is a poor heat conductor, thus stays cool, offering less risk of getting burned, even after the cooking pan has been removed from the glass top. Researchers say that food cooks as much as 50 percent faster and when the cooking temperatures are changed, the change takes place on the spot. Spills are very easy to clean up and the energy savings for induction cooking is significant, because there is not waste of heat, nor is there any fears of radiation and the magnetic coils do not give off heat into the air.

Induction cooking requires a special kind of cooking ware such as ferromagnetic metal, or stainless steel or iron. The current in the magnetic coils is low voltage that enables the current in the cooking ware to heat the food faster. Cooking is faster with induction cooking because the coils heat only the cooking ware. If you are going to purchase an induction cook top you need to know that copper, glass, ceramics and aluminum cookware are useless in induction cooking. This is a small price to pay to save on cooking costs and safety.

The benefits of induction cooking are that it provides you with rapid heating of cook ware and food. It is high efficiency, saving on cooking costs. And, it is very safe for children. Parents must remember that metal utensils cannot be used with induction cookware, because the heat will travel up the utensil and into ones hand. And, if you should experience a power outage, the induction cook top will not power up.