The Whirlpool Freezer on Top Refrigerator comes in several models that are ranked as energy efficient refrigerators.The 10 cu. Ft fridge comes fully loaded with the necessary advantages like a freezer on top. It is also easy to place in any location in the kitchen or any other part of your house. The space available inside is enough to store all types of fruits, drinks and food stuffs.

With a sleek design inside all the leaks and spills are easily contained so as not to affect other foods. The automatic defrost system will ensure that food comes out of the fridge frost free. This goes inline with the energy star guidelines. The external make comes with sleek handles that combine the modern style and energy efficient refrigerator design. The exterior is as convenient as the interior. The color of the exterior is grey and fits into most kitchen decors.

The price is pocket friendly for most of home owners. At only $399, you get an energy efficient refrigerator as well as a beautifully designed one with the Whirlpool Freezer on Top Refrigerator.