The Kenmore Elite French Door Refrigerator


Kenmore has a lot of products that they sell. There is a refrigerator that has three doors and with this the bottom is a freezer. You don’t have to be overwhelmed with all the models that you are offered. They have different price points and when you are shopping for these deals, you should compare prices on these refrigerators. You can get a refrigerator without sacrificing the quality. This energy star refrigerator will add sophistication to your kitchen.

There is a an internal water dispenser that offers fresh water to anyone in the house. What is great about this, is you can get this water without you opening the door and it leaves you a clean door. There is another convenient place to store deli trays. There is a full-width Gourmet Pantry Drawer and it offers a way to store healthy snacks like fresh fruit and vegetables.

You can make a difference in choosing the Energy Star refrigerator, which is uses 20% less than any other model. When you choose a refrigerator, it uses less energy then most energy efficient appliances in the home. That is why I choose the Kenmore Elite French-Door Refrigerator w/ Acceler-Ice (7759), because it is a budget friendly model. It is an energy efficient refrigerator and it’s price is $1560-1800. You should buy one, it will make your home more efficient because it uses less energy.