A Review of the Bodum Bistro Blender

Bistro Blender Bodum

I received my Bodum Bistro Blender for a Christmas present last year, and I will honestly say I was intimidated when I opened it. There were so many different attachments, that I was a bit overwhelmed and a tad nervous to use the blender for the first time. One of the good things about this product is that it is very lightweight. This makes it easy to move around in my kitchen instead of using my other blender.

The first thing that I tried to make was a simple salad dressing. I read the instructions that came with the blender, added my ingredients and blended. When you begin using the blender, you need to make sure that you use the right blade. If you use a blade that purees instead of mixes, then the consistency of the food will not be good. I like the fact that I can mix everything in one container. It is convenient for when I am making sauces because I can pour the contents directly onto my food.

Another thing that I enjoy about my blender is that I can make my own baby food. I have a baby who is three months old, so anything that I can do to make healthy foods is a benefit. Adding fruits or vegetables to the blender is easy, but you have to add the right amount of water. It is easier to start with a little bit of water, and then you can add more until you get the thickness that you need.

Overall, I enjoy using my Bodum Bistro Blender. The container and the attachments are easy to wash. I have even washed them in my dishwasher a few times. It saves time when I need to mix something quickly. I don’t have to get out my larger blender and take up room on my counter. The blender is easy enough for my children to use if I am supervising them. I think the only negative thing that I would say about this product is that the container could be a little larger, or maybe there could be a few different sizes to choose from.