Choosing a Good DeHumidifier


Air quality is essential to overall health, and the humidity levels in a home can have a dramatic effect. Excessive humidity can lead to a host of problems, and it is most often associated with the growth of mold and mildew. Mold may be toxic, and reducing the humidity with a good dehumidifier is one way to get rid of the problem. Here are several things to consider when buying a good humidifier.

The size of the area to be treated is a primary concern. This is usually measured in the amount of moisture that can be removed from the air during the course of a day. The measurement that is used for this is pints. It is better to purchase a dehumidifier that is too large for several reasons. Small units will often have to operate constantly, and they still may not remove all of the moisture from the air. Larger units can work quickly and will lower humidity in a short time. The humidity levels in the air and the size of the home will influence the size of the dehumidifier that is used.

Built- in controls
Most of the newest dehumidifiers have built in hygrometers that constantly monitor the air’s humidity. They will turn on and off automatically and will keep the air at a constant setting. Dehumidifiers with automatic controls make it easy to keep the home’s humidity within recommended levels.

Continuous Drainage or Tank
The way that the machines get rid of the water that is removed from the air is another thing to consider. Some models are designed to be tied into the home’s plumbing to drain. Others feature a tank that can be emptied when it gets full, and some dehumidifiers have an automatic way that evaporates the water for ease of use.