Stainless steel appliances, whether they’re dishwashers or refrigerators, can create an impression of smooth, tidy order in your kitchen. However, if those appliances develop a scratch or a ding in them, that can make your neat and tidy room seem shabby and damaged. So, while it is possible to repair stainless steel appliances (if they’re fully stainless steel and aren’t just a coating put on the outside of the appliance), you need to be careful when doing so.

To remove dents you will need:

– dry ice
– tongs

Take a piece of dry ice in your tongs and rub it in slow, smooth circles over the dent in your stainless steel appliance. The way this works is that the extreme cold from the dry ice causes the metal to shrink, pulling closer together. This will take the slack out of the dent, so to speak, and pop it back out slowly. This may not completely remove deep dents, and it is possible that the dents will return after the metal has warmed up again, but often this process removes them completely.

To remove scratches you will need:

– stainless steel abrasive pad/sandpaper
– Ultra Shine or other stainless steel polishing agent

Apply a small amount of the polishing agent onto your abrasive pad. Place the pad against the scratch and rub back and forth, with the grain of the steel. The deeper the scratch the rougher the abrasive that you’re going to need in order to get it out. There are kits available that will give you all of the abrasives you’ll need as well as the polishing agent. As you polish apply more or less pressure as needed and watch as the scratch is rubbed out of the stainless steel. The smaller the scratch gets the finer the pads you should use until it’s gone completely. Once the scratch is removed you should polish the stainless steel to give it that just like new shine.