The Magimix Vision Toaster

magimix vision see through toaster

The Magimix Vision Toaster is an amazing, new toaster that is see through! The toaster is one of a kind, not only can you watch your food toast, but it has an amazing quartz heating process that evenly browns toast and other foods toasted inside. You can actually see this all as it happens due to the new see through feature. The toaster also comes with four great cooking options. You can use the toast setting, the bagel setting, the defrost setting, or the reheat setting. Each has a different process of heating to perfection!

No one should ever have to wonder if their toast is done, overcooked, or even ready! With the new toaster you can see before your eyes how brown your food is and pop it out just when it’s perfect for you. The other great feature of the Magimix Vision Toaster is that it has much wider slots that allow you to toast bigger items such as waffles and bagels. As cool as this toaster is, it does even more! You can have your waffle, toast, or bagel only toasted on one side with its unique settings! The toaster has a nice steel tray at the bottom that allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. The Magimix Vision Toaster is made strong to last years and years. If anything goes wrong with your toaster, they have a good three year warranty so you have nothing to worry about with exchanges or repairs.

Try the Magimix Vision Toaster today and see how much it can add value to your kitchen!