Keurig Special Edition B60

When I wake up in the morning, it is important to start my day with a fresh cup of joe. Needless to say, it is super important to me that I buy an efficient coffee maker to brew a fresh pot! When choosing a coffee maker, I like to have one that not only makes good brew, but is also an energy efficient maker. Here are two of the most effective coffee makers on the market, that meet my requirements as an eco-minded shopper, and as a connoisseur of the bean!

• Cuisinart DTC-975: This is one of the most energy efficient appliances available. The device contains an auto shut off button, so you can save energy. Once the brewing completes, an alarm beeps and it turns off. It keeps coffee hot for about 12 hours. The joe tastes great all day long, and you are saving energy.

• Keurig Special Edition B60: This is probably my favorite energy efficient maker as it is very effective. This single-serve coffee maker is long-lasting and has a quality heating and pumping system. Water will heat in just a few seconds, and its also great for making hot tea – which is great for me in the evenings when I certainly don’t need that extra caffeine burst.

Having an good coffee maker is essential, but having one that also is better for the environment is a huge bonus! Plus, making your own brew at home rather than going to Starbucks every day (talking about paper waste – they use two cups per order!) is a step in the right, green direction – not to mention the money you’ll save in the long run.