What is the Most Energy Efficient Toaster?


What is the most efficient toaster?

The typical household toaster does not require a lot of kilowatt hours of electricity, perhaps about twenty hours on average. However that still leaves room for improvement, so when shopping for an energy efficient toaster it doesn’t hurt to keep these tips in mind:

1. Keep it Simple

Today’s toasters can come with a lot of bells and whistles, but the more features your toaster has the more energy it will require. That goes for more than just toasters, in general the most energy efficient appliances are the most simple appliances.

2. Go With Quality

Energy is wasted whenever you replace a toaster that breaks down. A toaster that lasts only six months will use more energy in manufacturing the new one and disposing of the old one than one good quality toaster would use in a year. Buying something dependable will save more energy in the long run, so find out what brands and models are dependable.

3. Maximize Control

Beware of toaster models that force you to use more electricity than you really need. For example if you buy a four slot toaster, avoid models that use all four slots at once whether you’re cooking four pieces of bread or not. Make sure you have the option to cook only two at time with a good heat level setter so that you can control how long the toast cooks and how hot it burns.

Follow these tips and you will save energy with every slice of toast!