Go Green(er) by Heating With Space Heaters

space heaters

It is nice to have a space heater handy in your home for extra cold winter days when you just can’t seem to get the house warm. It adds coziness to an area of your home for you and your family to curl up in. They can be used to prevent plumbing pipes from freezing in the winter by placing a heater close to them. If your main heat goes out a space heater can keep an area of your home warm until repairmen arrive. Another great reason to own a couple of these appliances is because if you can lower use of the central heating in your home, and use space heaters to just heat the rooms, you’re occupying, then you are saving on your heating bill, and lowering your carbon footprint!

Is using a space heater to heat your home cheaper than say, an oil furnace? You have to wonder. With the price of stove oil continually going up it can be worth trying out for awhile to see how the bills compare. There are many variables when finding the cost of using space heaters.

Also worth considering is the area that you live in that sets the electric and fuel prices, how big a home you have to heat, the number of space heaters you may wish to use around your home and what settings you choose to generally keep them on. These must all factor in when comparing costs of home heat.

How well your home is insulated may also affect your costs. If there are drafts and thin windows your heat, whichever kind, will be working much harder to keep your home warm. If you have a solar set up for collecting enough power to run space heaters, this could be very cost effective in your home.