The RedCore Infrared Space Heater & Air Purifier


The Red Core 15202 Infrared Space Heater with built in humidifier and Air Purifier the 3-in-1 design provides the best warmth and comfort for any room in the house all in a compact contemporary design that blends sufficiently well in any room.


The Red Core 15202 Portable heater delivers warmth throughout the room up to 1000 square feet with a powerful 1500-watt heater, while adding just the right amount of moisture to the air as it removes harmful dust, mold spores, and allergens while purifying the air.

Accented perfectly with silver the black lustrous finish shines modestly resting on caster wheels. The Red Core 15202 Infrared Space Heater features three room settings with two adjustable fan speeds, as well as an adjustable digital thermostat. This model also has a couple of safety features such as the delayed start feature and the safety tip over switch, which shuts down the heater if it accidentally is tipped over.

The Red Core 15202 Infrared Space heater is the ideal 3-in-1 unit with adjustable fan speeds, and temperature settings all located on a digital panel, which displays the temperature of the room as well.


The Red Core 15202 Infrared Space Heater and Air Purifier is an energy efficient space heater which runs as high as $600 to as low as $279. Energy efficient appliances are in great demand and retailers are drawing customers in with great sales and savings so, it does pay to shop around for the best prices.