The Most Energy Efficient Washer Dryer Is…

Kenmore HE (3t 42933)

Alright, so my friends tease me and call me “tree hugger”. Truth is, while I do believe in conserving our natural resources, I have never groped a maple or a pine. Sometimes by conserving natural resources, one can save a little of their own “green” in the process, especially on energy efficient appliances. This was precisely my goal when I set out to find the most efficient washer and dryer that I could buy.

My research , which involved visiting numerous websites and comparing various consumer-based reports, finally led me to make a final decision for most efficient washing machine and dryer combination:

The coveted, most admired Kenmore HE (3t 42933) and it’s matching counterpart dryer. It seems that consumers are raving about this machine; it’s features, options, and efficiency are second to none! It scores the highest in the category of water consumption, as a front-loading washing machine, it only requires 15.8 gallons of water to run at full capacity.

That being said, its’ deceiving 3.7 cubic foot size can handle the toughest and largest family-sized loads when you need to give the machine a workout! The Kenmore HE also got top marks for it’s ability to remove the toughest of stains, while maintaining clothing integrity and construction.

When ranking the efficiency of washers and dryers, pay attention to the details of energy used and associated operating costs. One should look for the Energy Star logo, to know the machines operate at high efficiency. Many states also offer tax incentives and rebates for purchasing energy-efficient appliances. The Kenmore HE series offers all of these features, plus many more.