What is SmartDispense Technology?


Technology is constantly improving. This includes technology for household appliances which once used a lot of water and electricity. This made for much higher bills and a lot of waste. Now there are energy-efficient appliances that use only what they need and save resources such as electric and water.

Many appliances are now using SmartDispense Technology, including many dishwashers. The dishwashers are built in and installation is needed. This tells the dishwasher how much detergent to use every cycle including the pre-wash stage based on the hardness and soil levels of the water. When installed a hardness test strip will be done to allow the customer to program the dishwasher to the correct setting . More detergent will be dispensed for hard water, less for soft water.

Either liquid or powder detergent can be used. Any brand of detergent can be used with this dishwasher. The amount of detergent dispenses is all automatic. And not to worry, your dishes will come out clean as a whistle with SmartDispense technology while reducing waste. This will not only help the environment, but help the customer save money as well.