The Sub-Zero Over-and-Under Refrigerator Review

Sub-Zero Over-and-Under Refrigerator

The Sub-Zero Over-and-Under Refrigerator / Freezer (item number BI-30U) is a wonderful product. Every family must use it in their home to freeze their fresh products. It is so exciting for every member of the family to be able to buy the food they prefer and then, coming home, to choose one of the different spaces in this energy efficient refridgerator.

I love this refrigerator.It is so practical with its big containers in the bottom that allow the family to put a great amount of vegetables in this energy efficient refridgerator. It is so easy to organize all your numerous products in this energy star. To clean this main appliance in a kitchen is a delight.

My neighbor loves it. My parents bought it. My friends enjoy this energy star-rated fridge and I truly think anyone would want to own such a beautiful and practical refrigerator-freezer.

The kids enjoy to have lots of space in the freezer for all the ice-creams, pizzas, sausages, hot-dogs, salmon, turkey, chicken, beef, fries, and all the frozen packages they can find in the market. They can also have a special place on the sides of the refrigerator for all their preferred yoghurts, chocolate milk bottles, eggs for their pancakes and many other small products they eat at school or with friends at parties.

This refrigerator freezer occupies an important place in the kitchen and in the life of any family. Buy this practical, efficient, and beautiful appliance for your home.