Toaster are found in every kitchen. Often times people use toaster ovens because they don’t have room for a conventional oven. The toaster oven is designed to replace a conventional oven in apartments or houses where a person cannot fit a traditional oven. They are most commonly use in small studio apartments and the like. The single room dwellings often contain hot plates and toaster ovens.

The toaster oven was designed to be a quick item that lets people cook food when there is not time to cook a larger or proper meal. Although the toaster oven and the toaster both prepare food, they do not prepare it in the same way. The toaster oven usually only has one or two coils that heat the oven. The toaster uses many different resistors to spread the heat evenly across the bread, bagel or other item a person may place in their toaster. It usually takes longer to achieve the same effect in a toaster oven.

Both can be energy efficient appliances, but the toaster generally uses energy more efficiently than the toaster office. This happens because of the differences in how the appliances work. They each are good for specific tasks, so just try and make sure you are buying one that is Energy star certified.