What is Energy Star?


Energy Star is a program between the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to provide energy saving solutions. Their goal is to help everyone protect the environment and save money through the use of energy-efficient appliances. They do this by making it easy for consumers to identify which products are energy efficient and will save them money on their energy bills. They also do this by reducing gas emissions produced by greenhouses which are caused by the use of energy in an inefficient way. The Energy Star program has helped saved many businesses, consumers, and organizations and average of about $18 billion in 2010.

In order to earn the label, Energy Star, the products must meet the energy efficient requirements and specifications. Some of the requirements that must be met are: the products must significantly contribute to energy saving, product labels must be visible for customers, products must have the features that customers demand, and if the product is more expensive than other products it must be more energy efficient and save more energy and money in the long run.

Some appliances, building products, plumbing products, heating & cooling products, computer & electronic products, and lighting and fan products, have earned the label, Energy Star. Energy Star appliances include things such as dishwashers, refrigerators, etc. Building products include windows, roof products, etc. Plumbing products include water heaters, heat pumps, etc. Heating and cooling products include boilers, purifiers, etc. Computer and electronic products include cordless phones, televisions, etc. Lighting and fan products include fans, light bulbs, etc.

All of these products, I use at my home. I always buy Energy Star products because even if they cost a little more than other products they end up saving a lot of money on my energy bills.