Whirlpool Freezer on Bottom French Door Refrigerator (

I purchased a new side-by-side energy efficient refrigerator for my house. The refrigerator is a Whirlpool Freezer on Bottom French Door Refrigerator (GX5FHTXVY). It fit perfectly in my kitchen and the storage space works great. I purchased it at an appliance store and it only cost me $1511. 00. I saved $287.00 dollars and the shipping was free to my home. There was a 30-day return to it but I did not exercise this right because the refrigerator and freezer combo work fantastic. My old refrigerator had a problem with the food in the top freezing and I lost a lot of food. This new whirlpool freezer is an energy efficient refrigerator that is energy star rated. It saves me on my electricity bill every month. I love my new refrigerator. It is classy and expensive looking.

The Whirlpool Freezer on Bottom French Door Refrigerator has 7.5 cubic feet of freezer space and 17.3 cubic feet in the refrigeration part. There are four shelves made of glass with slide out shelves, humidity controlled crispers, area in the door that will hold a gallon of milk, a drawer for deli meats and a drawer for dairy products.

This energy efficient refrigerator worked very nicely when my husband went hunting. We were able to fill up the whole bottom of the freezer for the winter and now have lots of meat. The freezer is a frost-free so I have not had to worry about defrosting ever. The refrigerator part of the unit will hold all of my groceries and can be easily cleaned. I really recommend everyone to look at this refrigerator/ freezer for his or her own homes. With the energy savings we received, we were able to purchase more food.